Searching a shared mailbox in outlook 2016 behaviour is just weird

Searching a shared mailbox in outlook 2016 behaviour is just weird

    So I can reproduce this 100% of the time. I add myself to a shared mailbox in exchange. Close and reopen outlook and get outlook to download the mailbox. Wait 10 minutes till everything is downloaded. Then i search for anything really in quotes "gdgfdghghfhd" for instance, and i get a random set of results, none of which have my string in it.

    same thing happens with or without quotes. cannot reproduce if i attach to another users mailbox, only shared mailboxes and only when the search scope is set to "current folder".

    Other times, i can search for an email address in quotes and it will find parts of the email address. Like if its a .ca address, it will find peoples names like carolina, and highlight the CA in those names or really anywhere in the message. It will find all domains ending in .ca for instance.

    What am i missing here? I can reproduce on multiple office 2016 workstations.


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  • Turning off cached mode for shared folders has solved this issue for the most part.

    File tab -> Account Settings -> Double-click the account name -> More Settings -> Advanced tab -> Clear the check mark from download shared folders.

    To do it domain wide follow this article

    or In the Group Policy Object Editor or the Group Policy Management Console, under User Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, expand your version of Microsoft Outlook, expand Outlook Options, and then click the Delegates node. Then set "disable shared mail folder caching" to enabled.

    But wait thats not all! i thought it wasn't working because it didn't clear the checkbox, turns out you need two GPO edits to achieve this:

    User Configuration
      Administrative Templates
        Microsoft Outlook 2013/Account Settings/Exchange/Cached Exchange Mode
          Download shared non-mail folders: Disabled

    Both must be set. Each one individually does not do the job. Result:

    Still not sure if its a bug or not but this work around seems to work for me and my users.

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